White Earth
Miami Destinations 
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Nixon Sandbar

Off the coast of Key Biscayne, we find this wonderful sandbar. A perfect place to bring out the floating water mat and to jump out and enjoy the water.

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Coral Gable Estates 

You get an exclusive look at 192 waterfront homes that can only be viewed from the water on this tour. 

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Fowey Rocks Lighthouse

Let us take you somewhere you can only access by boat. Fowey rock is a great place to go snorkeling.  

Star Island and Miami Beach History 

The Magic City Tour. We will point out many celebrities and billionaire homes you may know, along with the great history of our very own magical city of Miami.   

Jet Ski & Water Toys 

 Marine Stadium, Hobe Beach, or Nixion sand bar. These are all excellent places to rent jet skis and pull out all the water toys.   

Vizcaya Mansion 

We stop by the historic Vizcaya mansion and head down to the coral gable estate.